Employee Assistance & Specialist Services

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Employee Assistance & Specialist Services





The growth in Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) Providers over the past decade has meant that employees are  able to access short term counselling support which is free, confidential and immediate.  Studies have shown that the emotional well being of employees is an essential part of running a successful business  and can lead to reduced level of sickeness and stress amongst employees.  Counselling for work related or personal issues is beneficial and can facilitate an earlier return to work if the employee is off sick, as well as providing the vital emotional support and coping strategies needed to help the employee on their way to improving their psychological well being.  With over 5 years experience of working with EAP organisations I have seen the benefits this kind of service can offer.

If you are an EAP Provider , Insurance or Healthcare Provider who offers policy holders counselling or a specialist organisation offering aftercare Addiction support for and are looking for Counsellors to join your network please visit the more detailed EAP and Specialist Service page.

If you are an employee and are unsure if your employer offers an EAP service please contact your HR Department, Union or visit your intranet site.