Individual & Couple Counselling With Shirley

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Individual & Couple Counselling With Shirley

There are many reasons why people seek counselling.

  • You may be feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with the pressures of life or you are struggling with a dilemma and need to find some clarity.
  • You may want to talk about the issues in your life that are troubling you or causing you distress and you need to find coping strategies for managing these anxious thoughts and feelings.
  • You may be seeking counselling to help you make change in your life but are unsure how or where to start or you may want to undertake some self-exploration or personal development.
  • As a couple you may be experiencing problems in your relationship and would benefit from finding ways in which these can be resolved
  • As a couple you may be struggling as a result of an affair and feel that counselling can help you get over this difficult phase in your relationship
  • As a couple you realise that your relationship has come to an end and you want to be able to find the best possible way to end the relationship

To know more about the issues counselling can help you with and how counselling can help you individually or as a couple please visit  Counselling section.

Whatever your reasons are for choosing to speak with a counsellor there is no doubt that the  therapeutic counselling relationship offers a safe, confidential and supportive space where you can talk freely and openly about yourself and your life without fear of judgement and pre-conceptions and as your counsellor I will be alongside you throughout this journey. To see how I work and how we would work together  please visit   About Shirley page.