Your confidentiality is important to me and to our therapeutic relationship.    Confidentiality ensures that you feel safe and able to talk about anything you want to within the counselling setting.  What you tell me remains confidential in that I will not disclose your identity or content of our sessions to other persons unless I am legally bound to do so (eg Child Protection, Drug Trafficking or Threats of Terrorism).

Although extremely unlikely occasions may occur when I feel it is appropriate to break our confidentiality, this may include. 

  • The possibility of harm to yourself or others
  • The possibility of violence to yourself or others
  • The possible risk of suicide

Should the need arise to inform an external agency (eg GP) I would endeavour to discuss this with you during our sessions such that prior consent (signed form) is obtained on your part.

As a member of the BACP I work within their ethical framework which requires that I have regular Supervision with a qualified Supervisor.  I take all my case work to supervision which is undertaken within a confidential setting.    For more information please visit the BACP Ethical Framework.

Your Confidentiality and EAP / Other Referring Organisations

In the above cases confidentiality extends to include the EAP or other referring organisations, in accordance with their requirements.

Your Confidentiality and Social Media Sites

I do not accept any Social Media friend requests as this would compromise the boundaries of our therapuetic relationship.

If you would like to follow me on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) I am happy for your to do so.  Please note the following important points regarding your confidentiality and safety on Social Media Sites.

  • Anything you post is public and could be seen by anyone
  • Please do not post anything that will leave you feeling vulnerable
  • If you are a prospective client and would like to undertake some counselling with me please contact me as detailed on this website  Contact Page contacting me this way will ensure I get back to you within 24 hours, I cannot guarantee this with contact via a social media site as these are not monitored on a regualar basis
  • If you are a current client please do not post anything regarding the content of our sessions, for your safety and to ensure that we maintain the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship, I will not be able to engage in any correspondence with you via a social media site
  • If you are a current client and need to cancel or amend an appointment time, please call, e-mail or text me, please do not use public posts on social media sites

You can find me on the following Social Media Sites