A Leap of Faith

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Blogs | 9 comments

Firstly let me welcome you to my new website.  This is an exciting time for me as I finally see my new site ready to go live.  I have always had a website.  From the moment I decided to embark on on my own private practice I knew how important it was to have that web visibility.  I loved my old website dearly.  I went with a well established organisation called Webhealer that hosts affordable websites for therapists.  Ever the individual I chose to have a bespoke design, something that was distinctly my own and no one elses, something that reflected part of me.  My web designer James at Blue Squash was fantastic, with only one short phone call and  few e-mails he had understood the brief and bingo my website was born, back in December 2008. Here we are in July 2013, four and a half years later after having finally taken that leap of faith to break away from the safety of the Webhealer family.  And lovely as it was, it felt safe and structured, the time was coming to change, to bring the website to life, to give the site a new dimension, to grow it as I have grown over these years in my profession.  And this is what I feel has been truly achieved as my beautiful design has been transferred over to this new website. Taking that leap of faith requires trust, trusting in myself and trusting my website in the hands of someone else.  I often post on my Facebook page that change requires having trust in yourself and trust that things will work out, and if they don’t then at least you have tried and if needs be there will be another avenue to take.  It would be wrong of me not follow what I encourage others to do. As I come to the end of my first blog (the first of many) I have a tinge of sadness at the coming to an end of my old site and I want to reflect that it was ok to feel that sadness as I leave my old trusty friend behind me.  And now as I look ahead I want to thank Dean at Cybershrink for his help, support, encouragement and above all his patience, this has been a great journey and I hope you will enjoy my website as much as I do and find it informative and helpful and my blogs interesting and...

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