Couple Counselling

I offer Couple Counselling in all the locations I work in, please visit the links to each location to find out more details about the venue.  You can also visit my availability page to check if I have any available appointments. Availability

I operate a waiting list if you require a time that is currently taken, please do not hesitate to contact me if this is the case, I may also able to offer some daytime appointments.

Westbourne (near Emsworth) ~ Tuesday 8am – 2pm & 5pm – 8pm & Wednesday 8am – 12pm~ The WOW Clinic

Portsmouth & Southsea ~  Monday 8am – 6pm and Thursday 8am – 8pm ~ Portsmouth Therapy Partnership

The Couple Counselling experience is very different from Individual Therapy in that the focus is on the relationship rather than the individuals.  If you are seeking Couple Counselling it is important that you engage with a therapist who has undertaken some Couple Counselling Training.

I operate a flexible assessment process, if you wish to see me as a couple from the outset, all of our sessions will be with you both attending. The Initial session (Assessment) will enable you to tell me in greater detail what is happening in your relationship, and what you hope to get from the counselling.  We would decide at this point if you would like a 4 session Assessment.

If you choose to have the 4 Session Assessment you will be offered an individual session each which will focus more on your personal perspective of the relationship we would also look at your background including your previous relationships and family history.  During our final Assessment session we decide together if Couple Counselling is the best form of support for you based on what you hope to get from the Counselling (ie do you both want the relationship to go in the same direction).  Aside from the individual Assessment sessions, the counselling will take place weekly with both of you present, sessions cannot be undertake with only 1 person in attendance.

Issues I work with include

  • Affairs
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Step-families
  • Domestic Violence
  • Impact of life changes
  • Difficulties with communication
  • Couples who are looking to end their relationship

Fees for Couples

Assessment £60.00 – Follow on Sessions £60.00

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To  book an appointment please visit the contact page of this website.